Monday, November 23, 2009

Visiting and War

Tonight was a good night. My Marine and I talked about visiting him in Japan around July 2010. Ugh that sounds so far away. Mainly, because it is. If I visit him in July, he'd be able to come home for a month in December 2010 (that is if they grant him leave) and then four month after that, his two years in Japan will be over! That will be a glorious day :) I do however want to take advantage of the fact that I now have a reason to go to Japan. I dont think I would've ever thought of going there until he told me how goregous it is. Take a look for yourself:

In less than eight months I will be laying on the
beautiful beaches of Okinawa!
Yes, it is beautiful...
In other news, a couple nights ago Mister told me that a man came into his shop and asked all of them if they'd want to go to Iraq or not (they only need a certain number of guys to go). War... now thats a scary word. I know deep in my heart that if he doesn't go while he's in Japan, the moment he gets back into the states they're going to ship him off overseas, which is possibly the scariest thought in the world. I'm worried it could come sooner than that though. Obama is thinking about sending 30,000-40,000 more troops over to Afghanistan and I dont want my Marine to be one of them. Selfish of me? Possbily. I know its their job and if he does go, I'll be home waiting for him and supporting him. That's what we all need to do, support our troops.

I'm exhausted and worn out though. Off to bed early tonight...


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