Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Leave + Tree Pictures

Leave so far has been amazing. Im tearing up right now thinking about how much I love him. I find myself wanting to be his wifey even sooner then what we were talking about (engaged in Decemeber 2010). I want him to be forever mine and I know deep in my heart he will, I just want it now!

We got to spend our first night with eachother last night. We didn't get much sleep though. I kept tossing and turning and Mister was wide awake since he's still not use to the time change. It was amazing though just being in his arms. I know tonight, with him at home and me at my house, it's going to suck being in bed alone. I've found that now that I know what it feels like to be in his arms, I never want to be out of them. Having to say goodbye is going to be the hardest thing I've probably ever done... I can't think about that yet though!!
Mister got the pics of our cute tree up on Facebook so I decided to put them on here so you could all see! Like I said, VERY tiny!!
After the tree is decorated with our ornaments! The bubble wrap was
Mister's idea: it keeps the water thats under the wrapped base from spilling!

Mister and I didn't get the chance to take any new pictures today, however tomorrow we're planning on taking a lot!! My mom is really sick so my Marine and I are going to take over the job of baking Christmas cookies! I'm hoping that his mom will let us bake them at his house so that him and I don't get sick! That would be horrible! Depending on the cookie situation, Mister and I might try to make it down to Stillwater, Minnesota. I love it there. Its a cute small down right by the St. Croix river. We'll see though.

I'll keep you all updated soon :)


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