Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Met His Mom And Sister!!

I finally met Mister's mom and sister last night. I was beyond terrified. I was so nervous and shaking. My mom had to tell me to breathe. We ended up arriving at Potbelly (where we met) about 15 minuets early. We left really early because the weather was horrible. Basically the first snow of the season! So while we waited, my mom and I played games on napkins. It was fun. :)

When they first got there I wasn't really sure how to greet them. Do I give hugs? Do I shake their hand? Or do I just stand there and wave? I probably looked really confused and was so nervous that I can't even tell you what I did haha.

We got our food and sat down and within the first ten minuets, I texted my Marine saying, "I love them!" and boy do I ever! We all have so much in common. Our families are VERY similar. My mom and his mom kept saying, "I love doing that too!" while his sister and I kept saying, "I'm the same way!" It was great :) I got to hear some really cute stories about my Marine and I brought up the idea of having to see his baby pictures and videos. They LOVED that! They even invited me over to their house before he gets home just to watch them, thats how great we clicked!

After talking for over two hours, we finally decided we should head home, we knew the roads probably sucked and didn't want them to get too bad (which they already were). I looked at my phone and saw I had two texts from my man. One said, "I have very good news to tell you on skype about your little meeting with my mom and sis." The other one said, "This is a first!!" I quick texted him back wanting to know what was going on, but he wouldnt tell me, he wanted to wait until we Skyped.

So I got home and rushed to my computer. Apparently, his mom loves me. YAY! And for the first time ever, his sister approves! I can't tell you how much of a relief that is :) I was so nervous that they wouldn't like me. I wasn't too nervous about his mom, but I knew that his sister would be the real test. She means more to him than life itself (which I love).

I'm just so happy. Things are really starting to fall into place. I needed a little peice of him last night. It really lifted our spirits after our fight early this week. I fell even more in love with that boy. :) While talking last night, he brought up the idea of going to look for rings! Neither of us see an engagement or anything right now, just for the future. Since he'll be in Japan probably until next decemeber before he comes home, he wants to have an idea of what I like and would want. I'm so happy :) I can't wait, 9 more days and I'll be in his arms [happy tears].


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