Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Soon To Be Cold Expert

Soo GREAT news! Mister has been very stressed out the past couple of days (thats not the good news..keep reading haha). He's been at the range for his yearly shooting extravaganza where they test how good you are. I forget what its called exactly hehe. Anyways, he did great the first day, but it didnt count. It was just prequal. The next two days, not so good and of course those were the days that counted. He thought for sure he wasn't going to even make expert. Today was his last day shooting and out of 80 he could only miss 6. He ended up only missing one and is considered expert still! :) Sooo proud of him! I kept telling him that all he needed to do was put his faith in God and give the situation up to Him and everything will work out the way its suppose to! I'm a happy girl and so beyond happy for him! Now he might be able to make corporal before his birthday, what a great birthday present that would be :)

In other news, it is getting quite cold here. Not sure how my Marine's body is going to be able to handle it. He'll be going from a beautiful 70 degree not even 20. I'm telling you, ITS COLD! I've lived in the cold place my whole life and I have yet to get use to the cold winters here. It will only get worse though, not looking forward to the -5 degrees with windshields of -30. Hopefully it'll be nice weather for when Mister is home..O goodness cannot wait!! I guess all that means is lots of coffee, cuddling, and blankets :)

I don't own this picture, neither did the person who's
website I found it from, but I thought it was
pretty..  reminds me of the winters here!


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