Saturday, December 19, 2009

We Finally Met!!!

Oh my goodness I FINALLY MET HIM!!!
It went perfect! His sister and I made it to the airport about half an hour early, which was good because I got the chance to meet his dad and talk with him and his wife (Mister's stepmom). Then all of a sudden I hear his sister go, "It's him!" and she just runs! Well then I turn over to see him and Oh my goodness, he is one good looking man! I thought he was cute on Skype, holy buckets is he ever! haha. Anywhoo... I turn to his dad and stepmom and ask if they wanted to hug him first and his dad was like, "no you go ahead." So I just stand there waiting until he was done hugging his sister and all of a sudden I just started bawling! I totally broke down in tears and when his sister and him were done I ran up to him and he picked me up and after 5 months, FINALLY I got to be in his arms! Then we kissed and that was PERFECT! I just got chills typing that haha. Nothing beats that feeling! Nothing even comes close!
After the airport, we ended up going to Mall of America so he could do some shopping. His sister and I ended up doing most of the looking though hehe. Every shoe store we passed, we stopped in. We love our shoes, what can we say!? :) Then we went to his house, because his mom, youngest sister and grandparents were waiting there to see him. Right when we pulled up, his mom and his little sister came running out to see him, it was the cutest thing! Then his grandma comes out and I get out of my car. While standing there, his mom tells me his grandma's name. So I go up there to shake her hand and tell her "nice to meet you" and she just goes "call me grandma," gives me a hug and starts bawling in my arms! She kept saying "thank you" over and over again (because apparently Mister hasn't been this happy ever...). We ended up watching movies, having dinner and just talking like one big happy family. It was perfect! Then Mister and I got some alone time and cuddled and ya! haha.
I am so beyond happy! I love that boy with all of my heart and can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together.
If you have someone you're waiting for and it hurts, just remember that the wait is totally worth it! I waited for mine and now he's finally home and its been the best day of my life :)
I can finally say, "Girlfriend of a United States Marine!"


Anonymous said...

This made me cry. It is so beautiful that you are so happy. I am waiting on love...Your story gave me a little confidence boost that i needed to keep smiling today. Thank you.

Amber Joy said...

This was beautiful ... You are totally right !! waiting is SOOO worth it !!! I know this from my own experience with my marine. I love reading your blog it encourages me tons.
Check out my blog too
I'm still learning all this blog stuff but I'm learning.
Great to connect to other Marine Girlfriends :) the best thing is that when you meet your match you just KNOW he's the one..... I know thats what happened to me and looks like it did to you too :)
Semper Fi, Amber Joy

Amber Howard said...

I just came across this blog.... And i can relate to it more then ever... I met my Boyfriend through a mutual friend back in Jan. 2011. We hung out once. He found me on fb and we talked every day.. All day. May 26th we made it official, he is currently deployed to Afghanistan... My heart breaks because i want to see him more then anything. Reading your blog helped me know i am not alone. Thank you

Brittany said...

I just saw your blog and it made me so happy to read, i feel like im experiencing the same thing, i met my marine online, things are going amazingly well although we havent met yet, not for a couple more months, but reading your blog is inspiring and helped me a little more :)

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