Saturday, December 5, 2009

Webcam Lovin

So I know my title of this blog may sound a little naughty (or maybe my mind is just in the gutter) but it's not naughty, I promise!

Last night, after waking up to get some water, I texted Mister to say hi. He called me and I told him I wanted to talk on Skype a little bit before going back to bed. So we got on and started talking. In the midst of our conversation, I decided that I wanted to tell him that I loved him... You see, I hadn't told him that yet. He's said those three words to me, but I hadn't said them in return. A part of me wanted to wait until we were in person and another part of me wanted to wait until it wasn't a cute moment so that I knew for sure; he understood that and was okay with me waiting until I was comfortable and ready. Well, after waiting for a while I got to the point where I wanted to say it back SO bad. I just didn't want to wait anymore. So I figured a cute way to do that, with me being as present as possible, would be to tell him over Skype. I wanted him to be able to feel like I was there in a way. So I told him I needed to tell him something that I had been thinking of for a while (this freaked him out a little bit hehe) and sent him the first part of the blog that I wrote yesterday ("A Part Of My Life"):

“I have come to love blogging and all that comes with it. For me, it's insanely addicting and now a part of my life. It's my outlet on my feelings and a way to share my experinece with the world and whoever wants to listen. I see myself one day blogging about Kyle and I getting an apartment or the day we get married... Yes, I just said that! I know him and I haven't met yet, but it feels sooo right. I've never felt such a comfort to be able to be myself around someone, ever. He told his mom he thinks I'm "the one" [tearing up]. I love him...”

He loved it :) You should have seen his face light up. It was like a little kid receiving the coolest present ever on Christmas morning, but better!

When he was finished reading the post and I saw his reaction, my hands were SHAKING! He had always told me that when I told him, he would know if I was serious or not by the way I said it and how I reacted. I was terrified that he'd be watching my reaction and use it as a testing matter to see if I meant it or not. I didn't want him thinking that I was just saying it to say it. He could tell right away that I meant it though. He even said the fact that I said it with no make-up made it more real, I thought it just made me ickier but if he likes it then I'm okay with it :)


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