Monday, January 4, 2010

"It's See You Later..."

I just got home from the airport. I just saw my man off to the other side of the world. What a horrible feeling it is to know that I'm not going to feel his touch for possibly a year. He still isn't sure when he will be home next. Christmas 2010 for sure (can't say "for sure" since nothing in the military is a "for sure" thing until it's actually happening...thats a whole different blog) and depending on whether or not he has enough leave time, he'll possibly come home in May for his birthday. Having the chance to finally meet him has been the best experience of my life. I have been given the opportunity to spend many amazing nights falling asleep in his arms and many amazing days enjoying his company. I don't think I've ever been myself around someone like I am with him. Something about this is SO completely different then anything I've ever experienced before. Maybe it's because its an actual relationship and it's mature.

I already miss his touch, miss his smell, and miss holding him. I know these next months are going to be hard, but in my heart I know that with God we can make it through this. Like his mom and sister said, "This doesn't get easier, but the hardest part is done." Now that the hardest part is done, I feel like it's right back to how it was before. Long nights on Skype and crazy time differences. I think him and I are going to have to come up with another idea for a date night. So far we've just played movies and started them at the same time and then stayed on Skype so it was almost like we were watching it together. May sound funny, but it's one of our favorite things to do :) If you have any ideas about any other possible dates over Skype, comment this! I would really love to hear your ideas!

I have exciting news! Yesterday the Marine and I went engagement ring shopping! Well, not really ring shopping, more like engagement ring looking hehe. Since he doesnt really know when he's going to be home next, he wanted to see what kind of ring I want so that if he isn't home for a while and all is well he can propose! Eeekk! We figure that if we can make it through the next year while he's gone, then we can make it through anything. He's absolutely perfect for me. The look on his face was priceless when I tried the first ring on. I think it really hit him we were both serious about it and that this is going to be the next stage when the time is right. Here is an example of what I picked out at the store. It's simple, classy and SO beautiful. I didn't want anything too big cause A. that's just not me and B. my finger is a size 4 and something big would just look odd!!

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