Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Letter To My Deployed Marine:

This is a letter I wrote to my Marine just a few minuets ago. I've been having a hard night tonight missing him and instead of writing a post about it, I figured the best way to describe all that I'm feeling right now was to simply copy my message onto here. So here goes nothing...

Hey pooh bear, it’s your baby girl. I’m really missing you right now. My heart is really longing to see you. I’m staying strong. I’ve been listening to our music and at your gift trying to get the comfort that I hope it brings to you one day. It is working a little bit, but in a way makes me miss you even more… I hope that my gift isn’t a backfire… haha. I just want to be with you and be in your arms. I know that day will come again soon. I can’t wait! There are 20 more days of this deployment and about 114 days until your back home. I like to think positively and say we’re kicking this deployments ass :) haha

Oh my goodness I can’t wait until your back home again. I think about that moment all the time: I’ll be on my way to picking you up at the airport and shortly after, sitting in a chair impatiently waiting. Eventually you’ll make your way down those escalators and once you pass those doors I’ll be running into your arms. It makes me tear up just thinking about it… You thought I cried the last time, just you wait mister! I’m going to be a mess! You’re worth it though. Every moment of distance, every day of waiting, and every emotion of longing; it’s all worth it.

I need you baby. I need you in my life. I need you to share memories with me and tell me when I’m wrong and hold me when I’m scared. I need you tell me everything is okay when I can’t see past something and wipe my tears when im worried. When it comes to my stressed times, I'll understand if you dont want to be around me haha. I want to cross every single thing off that list of ours and yet continue to add to it as time goes by. I want our “bucket list” completed and to have experienced so much together. When it comes to you and me, I want us to do everything we want in life. No "what ifs", just memories!

No matter where you go after Japan, I will be right by your side. It won’t have to be months, but weeks until the next time. My goodness, I can’t wait for that! I will be with you the day your contract is up and if for some reason you re-enlist, I will be backing you up 100%. I want you happy. I want you doing something you enjoy. I want us living our lives together however that may be… whether it’s at an apartment, a house, or on base. My support is with you always. I dont need anything, but your love.

Stay strong baby and know I will love you always. Remember, as long as I’m in your heart, I’m with you. So even though as your reading this, you may not see me there, I am. All you have to do is close your eyes.

I love you so much. Words can’t explain. You are my everything. I Love you Babers…

-You boo bear.



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