Saturday, January 2, 2010

Moment Of Time In My Day

I finally had a few moments at home to go through my USMC Gals emails and to blog so I figured I'd take full advantage! Mister leaves soon... it sucks, but today we made a list of our goals and I think looking forward to the good things to come, rather then the dreadful thought of being away from eachother again, helps a lot! I'm in quite a positive mood though so I'm sure in the next few posts, I'll be talking about how much I hate him leaving. If im wrong about that, I'd be completely shocked. haha

Tomorrow night, after I get off work, we're planning on going to a club downtown. It's my first night club ever and our first club together (obviously) so it should be interesting. Not sure what to wear, so I'm bringing options for him to choose his favorite.

New Years ended up being pretty fun. I wasn't sure what to expect since we didn't have plans until the day before, but it was good! We ended up hanging out with his friends and giving eachother a big smooch while everyone was screaming "Happy New Year!!" My first New Years kiss :) I couldn't have picked a better man! hehe


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