Monday, January 18, 2010


Mister leaves this friday for training in Thailand. This is technically our second deployment together (not your typical afghanistan/Iraq deployment), but this time we might not be able to talk for a month. I dont think it has settle in yet about how hard that would be or that, that's even a possibility. I keep thinking that he'll have service for his phone or that he will have internet service, but that isn't certain. Even if he has service for his phone, it might be roaming which we found out the hard way is extremely expensive. Poor baby went back to Japan with almost a thousand dollar phone bill... not okay!!
I'm going to write him everyday on Facebook, just to tell him how my day went. I really hope that he'll be able to read them and be okay while he's deployed. I know how his thoughts can play with his head at times and am hoping that he'll be fine. Pray for us that we'll have some kind of connection while he's away..!


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