Friday, February 19, 2010

Back To Normal

Things are starting to get back to how they were pre-deployment. I think him being away had taken a lot out of us for a while. No one who hasn't been through a deployment will ever understand. From the very start of this blog, it has always been about my feelings and the truth about the things that I'm going through in my life. I'm not going to write and act like a military relationship is easy, because it is nowhere near that. I like to think that over time, more followers and readers that are not in military relationships will come along, and hopefully they’ll be able to see the truth and reality of a military relationship. I’ve always been a “real” type of person, I’m not about to change that.

As far as the last couple of days go, like I said, things are going back to normal. Last night Mister finally got his Valentine’s Day packages that I sent him. First he opened his “naughty and sweet” package and LOVED it. He was so cute opening it. Like a little boy on Christmas morning. It was pretty funny though, because the guys in his shop saw the words “Naughty and Sweet” on the box and tried to open it. They pretty much ripped the box apart! There were holes all over it. Crazy Marines! Haha. Next, I opened my gift. He got me the most beautiful diamond heart necklace. Not only was it my first Valentine gift, but also my first diamond from a boy. So happy I get to experience both with him. I’m such a lucky girl! Next he opened his Christmas package that had his scrapbook in it. When he opened it, I think he wasn’t sure how to really react. He told me he loved it and I could tell he does. Glad that he finally got it though and I don’t have to worry about him opening it. Phew!
I have lots of homework I want to get a head start on. Off to Caribou Coffee to study!


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