Thursday, February 11, 2010

"The Bump Isn't Squishy!"

So for the last week I have been doing P90X everyday, except today because of a migrain I had... I hate those! It's been going pretty good. I've come to realize I feel better about myself after I work out. Every time that cd kicks my butt, I know I'm one step closer to a healthier me. I actually have a forming bump when I flex my arms! It's small... barely existent, but its there! Best part of it all, its not squishy!

I've been trying hard to block off all the stupid little weight comments from everyone. Not sure if I'm succeeding or not. I guess we'll find out once someone says something to me. I give it a day or two, sadly enough. I'm sure my heart will drop like it usually does. Stupid people. Stupid me for not speaking up.

As I have been working out, I think I'm slowly realizing how this could really be a life changing thing for me. It helps me relieve stress or when I'm mad, I quick pop in my P90X cd of the day and take out my anger on the air. Once I get into better shape, I was thinking about taking boxing classes. I have a fear of guys (save that for another day) and think not only would it keep me in shape, but help me protect myself if need to be. That is of course if my taser or pepper spray in my purse don't do the trick... :)

Guess who I got to talk to today! My Babers! By far happiest and best moment of my day. He is no longer training, but is not back in Japan either. Apparently there wasn't enough seats available for the date they were originally suppose to go back on, so he and about 60 other guys volunteered to go back early. Apparently they earliest flight they can get is on the 15th so for the time being, they're staying in a 5 star hotel... must be rough eh? He deserves it though, they all do. After working 20 days the past few weeks, I think they deserve a lot more!

Well I am off to bed. I am so beyond exhausted and have to wake up early tomorrow for work. Blah.


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