Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dear John

I saw "Dear John" last night with my friend Anita. LOVED it! I bawled my eyes out, like I figured I would. It's a good thing that she came prepared with tissues, because I completely forgot to. During the movie, at the part when they say goodbye at the airport, I completely broke down. I turned my head over and began to weep. It felt as though I was saying goodbye to my love all over again. In an odd way, it felt good to cry. Got some emotions out. After the movie was done, I was emotionally drained though. Shortly after I got home, I fell asleep as if I had been up for hours. I was exhausted.

I really wish Mister would watch it with me sometime, but he refuses. He figured a certain part in the movie would happen and because of it, he doesnt want to see it. It's something that he's VERY afraid of since its something he's dealt with in the past which makes his decision completely understandable. I'm still buying it though haha. It'll just be my movie for when I need a good cry! :)


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