Monday, February 22, 2010

I Love Our Troops!

I'm going to have to keep this post short and sweet, because I fell in the shower earlier tonight and not feeling so hot. Note to self: Don't slip in the shower, it will hurt. I probably should have gone to the doctor, but I don’t remember if I hit my head or not and this headache I’m feeling could be just because I have a bad back/neck. If my headache continues I’ll be going into the doctor. I promise.

Besides the fall, my main reason for this post is more so of a response to a blog that I came across (thank you for reminding me of this!). Before my ex, I never really cared all that much about the military. I wasn’t against it in anyway, just very neutral to its existence (not sure what is worse). When my ex came along, it opened my eyes to everything our troops have to go through: separation from loved ones, the many losses of brothers and sisters in uniform, PTSD, days without sleep and the horrible thought of not knowing if a “see you later” will turn into a “goodbye”.

With my new (now, year-long) found respect and pride, I wonder how many people are like how I was: clueless to what the men and women of our country go through to fight for our freedom. It makes me really sad, because I wish our troops received the respect they deserve. Nothing is ever free although “freedom” is definitely taken advantage of.

I’m proud to wear my dog tags around my neck every day. I love to share with everyone how proud I am of my Marine and his fellow jarheads. I’m proud to be a part of the “silent rank” and the look on peoples face when they see a girl in high heels, big sunglasses, and glossy lips that knows more about the military then they do. It brings the biggest smile to my face. My next patriotic plan: put up a yellow support banner on my car along with one day becoming an active volunteer with the USO. If I don’t think I have the strength to fight front lines, then I think the least I can do is support and lift the spirits of those that are.

Volunteer with the USO: Click Here!


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