Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Last Few Days

I've come to this conclusion: one of the worst things about making up while in a long distance relationship is that after much fighting there's no kissing or holding each other when it's all over. Replacing the make-up that most couples have is the awkward feeling and the hope that everything is okay. I hate that part so much. After some things that happened recently things still feel a little awkward between us, but I'm trying my best to push the awkwardness to the back of my head and know that soon we’ll be back to how we were pre-deployment. I hope that he can see where I was coming from, but I’m not quite sure that he does. I’m glad it happened though, because it made me realize a lot about deployments and how easy I have it. I have to be stronger for him and know that he’ll write when he can.

As of yesterday… deployment is over!! Thank God!


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