Friday, February 12, 2010


I'm feeling so lonely tonight. Just one of those nights when I'm really craving for him. I hate being so far away. It was so nice while he was on leave and home. All I had to do was call him in the morning and zoom on over to his house and be greated with a big hug and kiss, meanwhile he's still in his sweatpants and tshirt with his hair all messy. I love that messy morning hair of his. I'm glad I'm stuck with it :)

I just wish he would callll me. No morning messages today. I just got home from work a little bit ago and still nothing. WHERE IS HE!!!??? Grrr. I really hope he calls me tonight... I need him to...

It's funny, I hear girls say all the time about how they miss their man and its been what, a day, maybe two. At the tops it's usually a week. Boo freaking hoo. Try months. Try a year. I often wonder how my friends relationships would be if they were in my situation. I would NEVER hope for one to go badly, I ALWAYS want the very best for my friends, but some people are made for long distance and others aren't. When I hear people about that miss their man or girl because its been a few days, I try my hardest not to get upset or hurt and I REALLY try hard not to roll my eyes haha. Him and I chose this. We weren't forced into the relationship. So for me to be upset that they are sad they haven't seen him/her in a couple days, almost seems hypocritical.

I almost feel like I've been prepared for this my whole life. Every relationship I've been in has been long distance, except for one. Granted they weren't on the other side of the world, but I still didn't get to seem them every day or every week. Just proof that God has a plan! :)

Well I need to do homework. I have two tests that I really need to study for so that I do good. Good night all.


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