Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Bucket List!

So Mister and I were bored one night and we were talking about all of the fun things we want to do. While talking about all of it, I was thinking about how we are never going to remember all of it. So to make sure it all gets completed we wrote all of the things (that we can think of so far) down and one by one, plan on crossing them off our list! Here's the list: (things will become crossed off once completed).

1. Rooftop dinner in Las Vegas
2. Rooftop dinner in New York
3. Go On A Fancy Dinner Date
4. Go To An Apple Orchard
5. Go Pumpkin Picking
6. Make A Scarecrow
7. Visit The Kelley Farm
8. Go To The Minnesota zoo
9. Take Pictures In A Photo Booth
10. Have A Bonfire On A Beach
11. Take Salsa Dancing Classes
12. Go To The Shooting Range
13. Go To Duluth, MN
14. Go To Stillwater, MN
15. Take A Helicopter Ride In New York
16. Take A Helicopter Ride In Las Vegas
17. Go Snorkeling
18. Go Sailing
19. Learn How To Surf
20. Rent A Jet Ski For A Day
21. Go Paintballing
22. Go To Disney World –Watch The Fireworks.
23. Backpack Trip In Europe.
24. Go Camping
25. Go To A Winery.
26. Go To A Drive In Movie
27. Go Winter Tubing
28. Go Ice Fishing
29. Rent A Log Cabin For At Least A Weekend
30. Play Music Around A Campfire (Guitar/Singing)
31. Visit The Honymoons Bluff
32. Go On A Picnic With A Red And White Checkered Blanket
33. Go To A Wild, Twins, And Vikings Game.
34. Make A Facebook Profile Together
35. Attend The Renaissance Festival
36. Go To A Chiodos Concert
37. Go Camping In The Boundary Waters
38. Go to Canada
39. Go Camping In The Backyard
40. Go To An Aquarium
41. Have A Movie/Dinner Date
42. Go To A Theater/Show
43. Go To An Arcade
44. Play Laser Tag
45. Toilet Paper Someones House While Wearing Black (Nicole) and Cammies (Kyle)
46. Go To The State Fair
47. See A Blue Angels Air Show
48. Go To A Monster Truck Show
49. Go To A Drag Race Show
50. Bring Nicole To Her First Concert
51. Have A Couples Massage
52. Go Bowling
53. Star Gaze
54. Write A Song Together
55. Go Whitewater Rafting
56. Go Minnature Golfing
57. Go To The Airport And Buy A Plane Ticket To The Next Flight Leaving, Then Take Off!
58. Take A Road Trip To No Where
59. Go Play BINGO
60. Watch A Sunset
61. Watch A Sunrise
62. Go On A Dog Sled Ride
63. Make A Snowman
64. Go On A Carriage Ride
65. Fly A Kite
66. Places To Visit: Ireland, Australia, New York, California, Florida, Italy, Amsterdam.
67. Get Married
68. Buy Our First Home
69. Buy A Pet
70. Get A Dog


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