Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Something New, Something Beautiful

I want to start doing something new. The title of my blog "Something Beautiful" was from a song that I was listening to one day. I figured not only could it relate to my relationship with Mister, but that it's something that can relate to every day things as well.

In life, there are many beautiful things. I feel that when things are rough, I close my eyes to everything beautiful and look for the worst. I dont want to live life like that, just skipping through not really living or taking in lifes beauties. So from now on, everyday I want to blog about something beautiful that I noticed and post a picture that captures what I saw and felt at that moment. I'll do my best to take the pictures myself, for I love photography, but you'll have to give me some slack for I wont always be able to take a picture of something (thank you flickr!). I'll list all of my "Something Beautiful - Moments" under my "Labels" section incase its hard to keep up with them. I hope you all enjoy this new segment of mine. Obviously I will continue to post about my Marine and I along with many other things. I'm really excited about this though and hope you all enjoy it!


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