Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentine's Day Gift

I just wanted to blog quick about my Valentine’s Day gift to my Marine. Finding the perfect gift is something that I think everyone stresses about a little bit; at least I know I do! For the longest time I couldn’t think about what to get him. The boy is a Marine and before I came along, money was something he just spent on whatever he wanted. He has EVERYTHING. So to find something that he didn’t have was quite hard. Slowly I figured out something and came up with a great concept that I think is exciting and wanted to share!

I am sending him two flat rate boxes. The scrapbook that I’ve been working on will be in one of them along with four shirts that I got from my work. I got the best deal ever on them! He doesn’t need to know that though hehe :) The scrapbook will have a big red bow tied around it, with a little card attached to it In the other box are my main Valentine things. I came up with the concept, “Naughty and Sweet” based off the usual saying, “Naughty and Nice.”

The naughty part of the Naughty and Sweet package is: a lingerie corset top with a matching thong (both will be sprayed with my perfume and a note that says “bring this along when you come home”, naughty dices, naughty scratch offs, and redeemable coupons ranging from a home cooked meal to a bubble bath!

The sweet part of the Naughty and Sweet package is: some of his favorite treats including Nutty Bars, Peanut Butter Twixt Candy Bars, and Mrs. Fields Cookies. I also am baking him brownies that I’m going to press and seal so they’re fresh when they get there. I got him a couple single boxes of Sweet Tart’s heart candies with the little sayings on them.

Just thought I would share! :) I’m going to upload some pictures of the scrapbook to show you how it turned eventually. Talk to you all soon!


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