Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Ugh, I hate today. I've never had a good one. Not that today is really a bad one, its just another day in my eyes. I wish I could spend it with him. One day him and I will get to have our "first" Valentine's Day with each other. It will be perfect! His present for me is still in my moms room. I can't open it until he gets back to Japan and gets his presents. I think I should have never came up with that rule... I want it now haha. Its hard knowing its in my house and I cant just go open it. Sooo tempted, but I wont. I want it to be a surprise!
I went and saw "Dear John" again today. This time I went with my mom. She hadn't seen it and really wanted to after how much I talked about it. She really liked it and thought it was sad. Once the movie was over she gave me a big hug. I think she realized a little bit about how hard a military relationship can be - not that she will ever fully understand though, but she tries and that means so much to me! Very much appreciated.

I know I'm probably being real stupid, but I really miss hearing from my Marine. Last night when we talked, it was only for a few minuets. Granted, I will take those few minuets over nothing, but I just wasn't ready to say good night. He, however, seemed perfectly ready. Not that he was tired or anything, he just kept pushing the fact that he should go and I should sleep. He hasn't done that to me before and quite frankly I really didn't like it. haha. I just wanted to fall asleep on Skype or at least have one of our pre-deployment nights where we'd just stare at eachother for hours. I want that back. I'm sure with four other guys in the room, he feels like he has to be macho and all. I really just can't wait for him to be back in Japan. Hopefully, it will all go back to normal. God, I can't wait...


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