Thursday, March 25, 2010

Adopting A Marine...

I'm really considering this. I'm not sure how my Marine would feel about, but I want to do more for our country. I want to be able to support our troops. I saw this video [posted below] and felt immediate sadness. There are so many people out there who don't recieve letters or packages from the ones they love. Some men and women that are deployed don't have a family. They don't have anyone to recieve letters from. That's not right. I think it is important that we show our military that we support them. That they are in our thoughts and prayers and are not alone.

If you are interested in looking into adopting a service member, whether it be a Marine, Solider, Airman, Sailor, whatever branch it may be, please check out this website: Adopt A Hero. It is a legit site. They contact someone overseas who recieves little to no mail, gives you their contact information and any wishes or needs they may have. You then can write them letters, send them care packages. How awesome is that!? Think of how many troops are over there watching other men and women recieving packages and they know they probably won't be getting one. Then think of the fact of them being adopted and getting letter or getting a package. To me, that feeling they get, that little motivation they may recieve, is worth it. So please look into this!!

The video I was talking about in the begining of this post... WATCH ME!


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