Monday, March 29, 2010

Are Your Windows Shattered...?

...because that squeal of mine, just a few minutes ago, was one of those that could break glass. I would not be surprised one bit if I have people coming over to our house with complaints and police reports. Seriously!

The Marine just texted me with possibly the best news ever! Out of no he sends me this: "So I'm probably going to be back in the states for good before Christmas." At first I thought this was a typo on his part. We both have talked about him coming home for a two week leave for Christmas. The whole "for good" was never in any of the previous conversations though! I texted him back telling him if it was in fact a typo, he should expect a not so happy girlfriend. BUT it wasn't! He told me that he's going to tell me the details in a little bit. Not so happy with that response... that's like putting a chocolate cake in front of any girl and saying you can look but you can't touch. Impossible!

What could the news be? Why would they be sending him home early? His two years are not up and won't be until mid next year. I am antsy. I want to know!! I hope I am not all this worked up and that he is coming home for a not-so-good reason. Now that I think of it, his text was not overly excited... he is at work though, so it could be because he had to text quickly. Heck who knows, with the military you never know what’s going to happen until its actually happening.

I will keep you updated!

This is so adorable! I can't wait for our homecoming!


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