Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Foods that Fight Stress!

I logged onto yahoo today to see if I had any USMCgal messages and I saw an article pop up talking about foods the fight stress. I don't know about all of you, but I'm ALWAYS stressed. Whether its school, work, or stupid deployments, something always seems to be on my mind. I found the article to be interesting and know a lot of you happen to be in military relationships and thought some of you may be interested. Here's the list:

1. Dark Chocolate - The darker the chocolate, the more healthy substances you recieve in your diet. Look for bars that are 70 percent cacao or higher. I happen to be a fan of milk chocolate, but hey, if they say the dark kind reduces stress, who am I to question? *chuckle*

2. Skim Milk - One study found that women who drank four or more servings of lowfat or skim milk every day were about half as likely to experience stress-related PMS symptoms than those who drank less than one serving a week. Mister should be quite excited about this find of mine!

3. Oatmeal - Oatmeal is high in fiber, which means that your body will absorb it slowly - prolonging your serotonin boost. Serotonin is a calming hormone that helps fight anxiety's negative effects.

4. Salmon - Many fish, like salmon contain omega-3 fatty acids. These acids can help reverse stress symptoms by boosting serotonin levels. An omega-3-rich diet can also help suppress the production of the anxiety hormones cortisol and adrenaline.

5. Walnuts- been shown to help lower blood pressure, which is critical for those whose hearts are already working overtime thanks to high adrenaline levels. FDA recommends having 1 1/2 oz a day!

6. Sunflower Seeds - A good source of folate, which helps your body produce a pleasure-inducing brain chemical called dopamine.

7. Spinach - Studies show that magnesium, which you'll find in leafy greens like spinach, improves your body's response to stress. Since lettuce has no nurtional value, I supplement spinach for things like sandwiches and salads.

8. Blueberries - Their antioxidants counteract the effects of stress hormones like cortisol on your body.

To visit the article where the above information is from and to learn more about reducing stress, click here.


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