Sunday, March 28, 2010

Last Night / Lacking Motivation

Last night, while the Marine and I were Skyping, we had a moment that made me melt. I don’t fully understand why I loved it so much, but I know it will be one of those moments that will make my heart smile every time it’s brought up.

Before Mister and I started Skyping, I was watching the movie “Julie and Julia”. In order for me to continue watching the movie and Skype at the same time, we decided to mute the sound on our computers and talk to each other by typing while our videos were still on - that way we could still see each other.

During our conversation, I brought up the movie I was watching. It had to do with blogging and I was oddly way too excited about it. This is what happened…

[12:45:48 AM] Me: this movie has blogging in it
[12:46:21 AM] My Marine: k
[12:46:25 AM] Me: it makes me feel as though my blogging skills completely and underly suck!
[12:46:34 AM] Me: be more enthusiastic babe!
[12:46:38 AM] Me: however you spell that :)
[12:47:03 AM] Me: you are so gosh darn cute
[12:47:10 AM] Me: with your cute bed hair
[12:47:11 AM] My Marine: your skills underly suck huh?
[12:47:48 AM] Me: well they must not UTTERLY suck
[12:48:04 AM] Me: you said
[12:48:14 AM] My Marine: you said underly retard
[12:48:36 AM] Me: oh lol
[12:48:39 AM] My Marine: look back on what you sent me
[12:48:40 AM] Me: oops! hahahaha
[12:57:16 AM] Me: back to my blog... I have almost 40 followers! isnt that exciting?
[12:57:43 AM] My Marine: thats soooooo amazing
[12:57:47 AM] Me: i know
[12:58:14 AM] Me: your enthusiasm (?) whats much better that time around
[12:59:00 AM] My Marine: whats (?)
[12:59:07 AM] Me: im laughing so hard im trying
[12:59:13 AM] Me: crying*
[12:59:23 AM] Me: and the computer is shaking

...Okay so maybe it is not nearly as funny reading it, but my goodness we were both laughing SO hard. I had to put the computer down, because, by laughing, my body was shaking which made my computer shake since it was resting on my legs. The shaking only made us laugh even more. I just could not type-talk last night! I was type-tied! Get it? Baha!

That was last night… now onto having little motivation…

I don’t understand it. How does it work like this? Let me explain… I wake up and check my Facebook, e-mails, and Blogger. I then go to work or make breakfast/lunch - depending on the time of day (sad)! Then time goes by and I find myself checking my things again. This is usually when I decide to blog about something. Meanwhile, I’m thinking about how much homework I have. I decide I need to do a little bit. So I do. And when I say I do a little bit… I mean it! I do a very little bit. After my little bit is done, I usually realize my bored-ness and decide that I will finish later. Later does not come. This is when another hot blogging time comes into play, followed by hanging out with some friends. I end the day Skyping with the boy and telling myself, I can do it tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, and the above is repeated. Re-freakin-diculous!

I need to start doing my homework in advanced. I’m always procrastinating. Granted, I always get it done. But life would be so much easier if I started my homework sooner and studied longer. My grades would improve. I’m sure of it. I think I need to go back to my high school and find my photography teacher that was all hyped up about time management. He needs to give me a 101 lesson on it again. He was awesome by the way. Ugh, stupid me!

Is anyone else like this when it comes to school things? Any suggestions!?

To make things worse… the Marine told me I was obsessed with Facebook…

Seriously, I need suggestions!


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