Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh So Productive!

My Organized Calendar!

I am so excited about all that I have done today, especially when it comes to my homework. I realized yesterday that finals are coming. In seven weeks it will be final week for me. Booo! Seems a little far, but I know it will come quickly and I have many projects and tests to do from now until then.

In order to keep myself on track, I went to Office Max and bought a big calendar for myself. I have tried planners before, but with planners you can only see what you have going on in the next week. It's harder (for me at least) to see the big picture. In order to fix the "little picture disorder" of mine, I took the time to go through my syllables for each class I'm in and wrote down the due dates for exams, projects, finals, and any other misc. homework.

I think this will help me BIG time. I can now easily prioritize my homework and stay much more organized. I hung up the calendar in my room at eye level; that way, whenever I go in my room, I'm reminded of the many things I still have to do. Yippee! No more procrastination! I'm excited!

Look at next months assignments. Ew!


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