Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Revisiting Old Posts

Tonight I took the time to go back and read some old posts of mine. Mainly ones from around the time we met. Also a few just before and after. My goodness did I break down in tears! I didn't think I would be so emotional, but I was. It was so powerful to me.

I'm so thankful that I started blogging shortly after Mister and I started talking with eachother [again]. So many memories we can re-create by simply looking back at posts. I love that our "love story" will have the ability to be shared with our kids one day. And their kids. And so on. It's all documented... when we first met, our first kiss, our first deployment, our first fights, our first "I love you". Eventually our engagement, our wedding, our first house, our little one's birth... it'll all be right here.

*wiping a tear off my cheek* I'm so happy and blessed. I love you babers!

By the way, just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has followed since the start! I'm so thankful and appreciate that you continue to come back and read what I have to say. So thank you X (times) a million! To anyone who is new to my blog, WELCOME! Thank you for having an interest! If you would like to catch up on BIG details of my blog that you may have missed, visit the top right corner of my blog! You will see a few posts there that will help you catch up. Thanks again everyone!


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