Thursday, March 11, 2010


...I miss him. Real bad. I miss his smell, his touch. The smirk on his face. Have I ever told you he has the most amazing smile in the world? He could light up anyones day with one of his smiles. He sure lights up my day. I miss the feeling I get when I see him all dressed up in his uniform, or the feeling I got when we would wake up and he would walk around in his sweatpants. The best moments were when he'd make me breakfast. With the top of his hair a little messy, I could not help myself but smile. Simply adorable.
I miss our kisses. Our movie nights. I miss watching OUR movie in my tv room with the fireplace going. The way he would place his hand on my lap while we were in the car; expecting my hand to enclose in his. It would everytime. I miss looking into his hazel eyes. Being completely captivated by them. Almost lost.

Most of all... I miss him being home.


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