Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Allergies Kind Of Really Suck

I am not lying when I say that I have sneezed over a hundred times in the last hour. I would have taken some allergy medicine, but literally ten minuets before my sneeze attack happened, I took my pain medicine and my muscle relaxent. Not fair! I am much better now though. I have not sneezed for a little bit and remaining hopeful that it doesnt happen again. It's kind of odd, because I have been fine all day and then boom! it hits me. The same thing happened last night while on Skype with Mr. Marine. For a good ten minuets out of no-where I had a sneeze attack. Doesnt help that I still have a sinus infection. Oh well, what can ya do! At least it didn't happen all day - definitely a positive.

Mister's friend put up LOTS of pictures of the first part of their deployement. He is soo burnt and tan in the pictures. He is going to have one killer farmers tan when he comes back home haha. Remind me to poke fun of him for it okay? :)


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