Sunday, April 25, 2010

Something Beautiful - The Near Future

know I have majorly slacked on my Something Beautiful Moments (Sunday), but I am trying to get back into the motion of it all. I know that I have been a horrible blogger in the last couple of weeks. Please don't leave me!! School has been kicking my ass (excuse the language). I have taken two weeks off of work though so I should be less stressed now :)

This week I actually have two beautiful moments. 1. Healing. 2. My talk with my Marine last night about our future. So here we go!

This past week I've been learning so much from the two books I am currently reading (you can find them on the right side of my blog) and from reading little parts in the Bible every night. I've really been leaning on God to help me get through my past hurts and to help strenghten my relationship with Mister. I feel better. I feel more healed and more alive than when I wasn't reading the two books and Bible. Last night, we read our couples devotion together and it was just great! I hope he is taking this as seriously as I am. Apparently, I'm his professor haha. :)

The second beautiful moment was last night while talking with Mr. Marine. We were talking about some things that were making both of us crabby and down. Then out of no where, were on the topic of the near future. Like us being married and our home and how unbelievably broke we are going to be. I mentioned us having to get our pots and pans and furniture from Goodwill and how our silverware is going to have to be rewashable plastic sporks and knives. We could not stop laughing! It was sooo good to think about those things. It makes me even more excited about the future. It's nice to know that even though we will be more than broke when he gets out of the military, the things we will own, will be OURS. That's amazing to me! I love him :)


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