Friday, April 30, 2010


First things first, things are starting to get better with the Marine and I. He deployed yesterday (ewww!) but earlier today we got to talk about the issues that we are having. I suggested pushing back the engagement to focus on us. No, we aren't engaged yet, but he was planning on proposing around August. He's not happy with the engagement being postponed... at all. I can understand this. He had everything planned out already (which I was not aware of until earlier today!). I just want us to have a firm foundation before we take the next step. I'm thinking this is a smart decision. Tell me someone agrees out there with me? I can't be crazy for wanting to fix the cracks in our foundation before we take on another load...

Other than things being sticky with the Marine, everything else in my life have been really great!  Thank you ladies for all the support and kind words during the tough time that I've been having. I really appreciate it! I love you bloggy friends!


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