Tuesday, May 4, 2010

10 Carat Ring

Hilary Duff's 10 carat engagement ring

Big right? I tried to find one at Tiffany & Co. website to be able to post a picture, but they would only show up to a 2 carat. So I found the one of Hilary Duff instead. You're probably wondering why the heck am I talking about a 10 carat ring. First, let me say that no, mister Marine is not giving me a 10 carat ring haha. The truth is, this size of a ring is the reason that Mister and I stopped reading our weekly devotion. Let me explain...

There have been a few occasions while reading, "Teach Me How To Love You," where mister and I felt like the author was putting way to much detail into his OBVIOUSLY rich lifestyle. Within three chapters we learned about his travels and driver and blah, blah, blah! This last one, blew us both off the edge.

I had just sat down last night to read chapter four so that I could work on typing it up and sending it to Mister. Within the first three paragraphs my mouth was literally on the ground and I was completely disgusted by the book. Why? Let me tell you! He starts talking about how his wife told him she wanted a 10 carat diamond engagement ring and how AMAZINGLY GRACIOUS she was to SETTLE for a 7 carat diamond ring... let me add she also got a 7 carat diamond band and he also bought a 7 carat ring for himself. Can someone explain to me why that is necessary to talk about in a book about God?

After reading that, I set the book down and walked away. I don't want to look at it again. I don't want to read it again, and so that would be the reason that I now have to make a stop at the local Christian Bookstore to pick up a new weekly devotional.

It just made me so disgusted. That's great that he has the money to buy her extravegant things, but don't put it in a book where you know its suppose to be about relationships surrounding yourself around GOD, not your rich lifestyle. Puuhhlease!


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