Tuesday, May 25, 2010

About My Day

Today was quite interesting. I went to the ENT today to see why my sinus infection has been sticking around for so long. First they stuck a tube up my nose to see draining and what not. She told me that my eyes would probably water a lot and that some people tend to sneeze. May I mention that my nose is very dry and irritated because of how much its been running. Well she starts putting it in and for the first few seconds its not bad, but then she kept going and going and I start sniffing uncontrollably and it hurt so bad that I'm not sure if I was crying or if my eyes were watering so much that tears were rolling down my cheeks. If I wasn't crying, I would like to have. Never want to do that again. Then I told her about my very frequent nose bleeds so she looked in my nose and saw that I had a large blood vessel so they cauterized it in hopes that it will scab and then new skin would heal over it making the blood vessel not bleed. That wasn't too bad except that I now look like I sniffed chocolate in one of my nostrils. Apparently they use silver nitrate for the chemical burn (reason why it scabs) and it stains your skin brown. So yes, I look like I sniffed brown crap up my nose and is very noticable. Not cute!!!

As far as what's wrong with my sinuses, the doctor couldn't really tell. She looked at the c-scan that I took and it was hard to see if I had a pulip or just a lot of liquid. She is going to ask for second opinions and we'll see what she thinks. She also wants me to take another round of antibiotics to see if it will help clear anything up and when thats done, I need to get another c-scan to have a better look at whats happening. I just want to be done with all of this craziness. I'm tired of it.

Enough with health.


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