Monday, May 24, 2010

Absence Makes Things OK?

Mister and I have only talked once since the last time I posted. When I say we talked, I mean we actually spoke to each other on the phone. We have texted a little bit, but his phone has been acting up and he is working 16 hour days, which means he's exhausted by the time he gets off. When we were on the phone with each other the call lasted for a little over a half hour and went as well as it could have. I finally see his side now. I get it. I did mess up and I admit it. I guess the moral of the story is to not take other peoples advice to heart and to talk things over instead of getting defensive. Two things I need to work on.

During our conversation he still said he wanted to talk to his mom and seek advice from her about if he should continue the relationship or throw in the towel, but as time goes on, we've been acting like nothing really is wrong. I write him at least 3 messages a day along with random text messages. I'm putting in the work and effort that I need to and I'm really trying to make him feel appreciate. Problem is, I'm trying to tell myself that I am being appreciated. I still haven't recieved one message from him since the fight. I keep telling myself that it has nothing to do with it, but I am slowly failing. I know that he is really busy and tired and so that's what I tell myself the reason is. Is it though? I don't know... I'm thinking of asking him in my message that I send him tonight, but I don't want to start something else. I think I'll just wait until AFTER his birthday, which is THIS Sunday! :)


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