Monday, May 17, 2010

Third Deployment Updates

This is our third deployment together and he's actually at the same place where our first deployment took place. Although due to OPSEC and safety for my man, I can't really say where that is.

This deployment has been rough for my Marine and I. On his way there we got into a huge fight over some stupid things and its led us to a few changes. Engagement is postponed. I didn't say canceled, no worries. Just postponed. There are somethings that we need to work. Things that will involve talking to someone to help us with issues. It's kind of funny, well not so much funny, but an interesting thing that I've realized: Mister and I really don't have problems with each other. Everything has been from our past. It's crazy how much it can affect someone so drastically. It makes me think back to when my mom use to tell me as a young girl to not date around and to just wait for someone real special, that way you don't have much baggage. I wish I would have listened. I'm pretty sure I did the exact opposite of that. I dated everyone. Let's save that for another time, another day. Back to what this post was actually meant for... deployment update!

Mister's friend posted a bunch of pictures on Facebook of the deployment. It was great to see what they've been up to, even though I wasn't exactly sure what they were up to. My Marine's face is soooo red though. I should actually note that there was a couple of pictures that got mister Marine into some trouble. He was smoking!!!!!! Oh yea, that is right. The little stinker had his picture taken of him and when he realized he got caught on camera, in the next picture you can see him trying to hid the cig! Just wanted to note that incase he says it never happened... oh yes it did babe! Let's just say that we had a little talk about that and all is well :)


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