Monday, November 2, 2009

43 Days

In 43 days I'll be at the airport waiting for him to come off the plane so I can run into his arms. It's something I've been day dreaming about everyday for the past two and a half months. This is starting to become real, this man really does exist. He's a real person that I've been talking to which is something I think I'm finally just starting to grasp...

I met my Marine about two years ago on Facebook. When we first started talking I thought nothing about it. It was some good looking guy that just wanted to talk to me. For a while thats all that it was. Him and I stopped talking a few weeks after we started. Apparently, it was because I found out he was a Marine (I dont think that's why, but he insists that's what happened). A year and a half later, after experiencing some serious relationships that left me bruised and broken hearted, he entered my life again and hasn't left since. I knew he was different after our "second" first conversation with me. Jesus is a huge part of my life and without knowing that he randomly said, "You should know that God is my everything. He's my life. I've drifted away from God a little bit while being stationed here in Japan, but am working on his and my relationship." Tears about formed in my eyes after reading that. This guy was different and I needed to get to know him. I've come to realize over the next two and a half months that this Marine is everything I want in someone and more. He's my best friend.

In 43 days, we'll finally meet. The Marine I talk to every night on Skype before bed is actually a real person that I'll soon be able to hold. I'm picking him up at the airport with his sister that I've never even met yet... wish me luck with that... and will be jumping into his arms. There's nothing like that feeling. This isn't a "usual" relationship by any means, but it's our relationship.


Belly Charms said...

That is an incredible story. My husband I met online and my sister met her husband online. I am very happy for you both and look forward to keeping up with your story on here. Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

that is beautiful. I love to hear the Marine love stories (that turn out nice) because they are always so different from the ones that we are around everyday. My husband and I knew each other for many years before he deployed but it wasnt until he had his heart broken and we started to write letters that we got together. I like your story.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I love your story. Absolutely beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Sweet to read how relationships start.
I came by from the blizzard blog hop. I look forward to reading more as a new follower!

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