Sunday, June 27, 2010


30 Days of Me: Day 13: I am super clumsy.

If you were to ask someone if I had the tendency to run into things or fall, they would laugh and ask you if that was a serious question haha. I have always been falling into things, running into things, tripping over things... you name it, I did it! There is a step that seperates our tv room from our kitchen and every time I would go up the step all of a sudden you would hear, "thud, boom, bang...wahhhhhhhh!" I could not pick up my feet high enough to make the stupid step. My legs were always bruised and had bumps all over my shins.

Just today, while I was shopping with my family, I was getting out of the car, turned around to shut the door and WAM! - somehow my bottom of the car door hit the back of my leg. I can't even explain to you how painful it was. I was bent over holding onto my leg while choice words were flying out of my mouth like I was some kind of sailor. How does that even happen?! If it isn't possible, I will be the one to prove it to you that it is. I have a bruise and welt to prove it!

I'm not sure if I'm all that proud of this trait of mine, but it is apart of me that is pretty well known so I figured I'd have to share.


gramcracker said...

I've come in a little late and don't know what your 30 day challenge is. Please enlighten me.


Ruth said...

omg... i can totally relate to this... i do too very often run into things.. trip and fall... thats so me.

too bad about the pain and the bruise.. hope it heals soon.
and thank God its not some major accident!

Jen said...

I am the exact same way!!!!! When I get up from desk at work I swing my chair around and always manage to whack my knee on desk drawer! lol.

Maranda said...

LOL! Don't feel too bad...I've done that before too. I understand that clumsy thing. Who knows how we were the lucky ones to have gotten this. I used to fall straight on my face because I couldn't figure out how to put my hands out in time to break my fall. My face was constantly scraped and bruised. I wonder what people used to think...LOL!

Kayla Sue said...

it's ok, I'm SO CLUMSY too. My husband is even worse. We're like, the accident prone couple. lol.

Anonymous said...

I'm normally clumsy.. I'm abnormally clumsy around Squall. ^_^

To my defense I read an article (which I promptly sent him!) which said that we tend to be more clumsy around people we're attracted to. Makes sense, hehe :o)


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