Monday, June 21, 2010

Engagement Plans

Mister and I talked again last night about engagement plans and what we're going to do. I told him a few months ago that I wanted to postpone due to fighting issues and our need to learn how to fight "better". I just don't like how we deal with things at times and he doesn't like it either.

Well last night, I was texting him and we talked about not waiting anymore. I'm so torn. The majority of me wants to become engaged when he comes home on leave. I don't want to wait anymore. I'm just plain TIRED of waiting. I love him more than anything in the world so why wait? There is another part of me that is worried though because there are things in the past that both of us need to get over and it scares me that neither of us have. If he was here with me than we could've worked on the issues a long time ago and already be engaged.

So what do you do... become engaged knowing that along the way we can work on our problems and hopefully figure them out or wait to become engaged until the problems are figured out? Blah... advice anyone?


naomichronicles said...

I can understand your being anxious and I definitely used to think the same way, " I love this person so why wait? "

One of the things I've had to learned since being with Squall is patience. Patience when it comes to us, our relationship and being together. Another really positive thing that I've learned is that if I thought I loved him 4 months ago, 2 months ago, last week.. I didn't know anything. The more we wait and discover new things about one another, the more my love for him grows.

I think if there is a major issue you both need to work on, you should work on it. It's things like that that will help strengthen your relationship in the long run. Other than that, only both of you will know when the time right and what's best for your relationship.

Being apart is never easy to do. Military relationships are tricky, only if you're in one do you understand the pace. It may seem quick to some yet perfect to you. Good luck and keep us updated! :)


P.S. <3 the Josh Gracin song on here!

Jessica @ {Mis}Adventures of an Army Wife said...

I don't have any advice about waiting or not waiting to get engaged, but I wanted to say that there are lots of premarital counseling resources out there - on post and in the local community. They can help you learn how to fight properly! =)

naomichronicles said...

Oh, I second that! I've heard some are actually quite fun. :)


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