Thursday, June 10, 2010

Promotion, Orders, & Deployment Updates!

I know that I haven't written in the last few days. I'm sorry that I've been away. A lot has happened in the short amount of time, however, so I’ll get straight to the updates!

First off, I ended up receiving a promotion at work! I'm very excited! It's a step in the right direction. It's nice to be awarded for all the hard work you've put into something. Things are finally paying off! Along with the promotion, I will be working a lot more, which means more money in the bank – never a bad thing!

Secondly, a USMC Gal Danielle, whose Marine is in the same shop as my Marine that he will receive his. I’m not really sure what they’re going to say. I guess we will see.

It’s a double edged sword to be honest. A part of me wants my Marine to be based here, because then we will be closer to each other. I could then easily hop on a plane and go see him. The downside would be he would be leaving for Afghanistan shortly after. If he was to continue to be based in Japan for another year, then we would be far from each other and would possibly get to see each other maybe two more times, but at least he wouldn’t have to go to Afghanistan right away. The downside would be then after all of that time apart, he’d be here for a short amount of time and then be sent oversees to war.

I don’t think there really is an option that’s better than the other. They both end up in Afghanistan. They both end with him going to war. They both end with us apart. It’s just hard. Whatever happens will happen and we will do our best to make the very best of the situation.

That’s all of the updates that I have at the moment. I’ll write again soon, probably tonight!


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