Sunday, June 27, 2010

Something Beautiful - Cleansing

Today has been one of those days where I looked around my room and felt like cleaning. On these days, I take full advantage of the rare feeling and so I started organizing and going through drawers that I honestly haven't gone through in a long time. I read through all of my old letters - the one from my mom saying how proud of me she was, brought tears to my eyes. I found some things that were given to me by ex-boyfriends - in which I proceeded to throw those things away in bag that is now in the garbage outside. I even managed to create a pile of things for Goodwill - most of which I have kept for no reason at all in the first place and may make someone else happy.

I am such a hog. I like to keep everything that has some kind of meaning to it. It's something that I've been really working on in the last year or so. I figure I might as well start now so that when Mister and I get a house together it won't be as much of a pain. It's nice getting rid of things. Shortly after I started my relationship with Mister I got rid of a stupid box at the top of my closet full of things from my ex's and boy did that feel good slamming that in the garbage. It's almost a cleansing of the past in a way.

Now that I am all done reorganizing and throwing a lot away, my room looks pretty darn good. My closet is organized, my drawers are nice and neat, and my clothes are officially arranged by sleeve length and color. I feel accomplished!

So here's to a new start and a clean room!


Whitney said...

I've been doing the same thing. I'm in the process of cleaning, organizing, and rearranging everything.

I've held onto stuff that I don't even know why I kept. I'm going to spend the next couple of days taking it out to the trash.

Neidy said...

Something I've always been told and I'm sure you've heard this cheesiness before:

"Cleanliness is next to godliness"

So I guess you're somewhat of a goddess now? :) I sure feel that way once EVERYTHING is out of sight. Like a fresh new start!


Heather said...

The Tokyo airport isn't too bad at all! Will you be arriving and departing Narita? The people are obviously kind of hard to understand (ha!) but most of the signs are in English, too. The toilets are pretty crazy, though!!! :)

Maranda said...

Yay to a clean and organized room!! It's such a dreaded task but you always feel so good afterward. Congrats girlie!

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