Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sticking Together - Need YOUR Help!

Hello fellow bloggy friends! If you have not noticed already, I have added two links on the right side of my blog that are under: Military TidBits. The first link is called Deployment 101 and is a place to get ideas on how to stay busy during a deployment and also a place to help you prepare. The second link is called Care Package Ideas & Tips and is a place to get ideas on what to put in a care package and also tips on packaging and sending a care package to a loved one. Please feel free to check out both links to help you and also as a place to ask questions on either subjects.

NOW THIS IS WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP: I definitely don't have all of the answers and if we all join together on this one we can come up with a lot more information! So please feel free to leave a comment on either [or both!!] posts about some additional tips/suggestions/ideas that you have come across. I will add them to the list as well as give you full credit along with a link back to your blog!  I will continue to update the lists with information that I come across and will post about it when I do so. PLEASE HELP IN MAKING THESE LINKS A GREAT RESOURCE FOR THOSE WITH LOVED ONES THAT ARE FAR AWAY FOR WHATEVER REASON THAT MAY BE!

Thanks everyone! xoxo


Anonymous said...

When my husband was deployed last time I did a theme care package that I called "date night". I bought 2 of the same movie (kept one for myself and put the other in a box for him) and put some of his favorite snacks, a few pictures, and a letter in it. When he got the box, he called me and told me and then we set up a date and time that we could sit down and watch the movie "together". Granted the time change isn't bad from where we are stationed, but it was definitely a huge huge boost to know that we were watching the same thing at the same time.

Anonymous said...

i don't think i have any original ideas on staying busy. i sure did work a lot though.
new follower :) and i left you something on my blog www.untilyoucomehome.blogspot.com

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