Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stumbling On Great Things

It's Day 8 of my 30 Day Challenge and I'm about to fill you in on one of my favorite websites.

30 Days Of Me - Day 8: I'm addicted to StumbleUpon .

I came across this site a little while ago, but seriously overlooked it. Then a couple weeks ago I came across it again and am now quite obsessed. I have found that it really helps with post ideas as well. I have a page long list of upcoming posts that I'm working on a few new features that I have all gathered from this site.

How does it work? You simply signup and choose a few topics that you want to see information about. Then you click Stumble and watch as awesome sites that you had no idea existed just come to you. My favorite topics are: fashion, food, relationships, books, and beauty... may give you a little hint at possibilities for new features....just saying people! baha!

Anyone else find themselves addicted to this site?


Whitney said...

I love that website. It's sooo addicting. I used to stumble for hours!

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