Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hey all! I just wanted to let you know about two new editions to my blog. I've had quite a few people from wordpress and other sites email me about liking my blog, but not having a Google Friend Connect account. If your one of the people that would like to follow my blog, but don't have one, now you can easily subscribe to my blog! There is a box right above my followers that lets you type in your email and whenever I post about something it will be sent right to your inbox. Pretty sweet right? I think so!

Also, I have started a blogroll. If your interested in being added please let me know! :) If I'm your's already, PLEASE let me know and I'll return the favor and add you to mine!


Jessica @ {Mis}Adventures of an Army Wife said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I'm a new follower of yours, as well!

Mel over at "Head in the Game. Heart in the Sand." is from Minnesota and her boyfriend is currently deployed. You guys might have a few things in common... =) LOL! Check her out:

Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your blog!

Jessica @ {Mis}Adventures of an Army Wife said...

This is the scale I got:

I got it off Amazon for about $80 including tax and shipping.

Krissy said...

Following (better late than never) for Tuesday Tag Along. :) I hope you decide to come and follow me back. :) I currently have a $25 Walmart gift card giveaway going on!

A said...

I love your blog girl, so cute. The songs make me cry in a good way :) Check out my blog if you're interested!

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