Monday, June 21, 2010

Tuesday Tag Along + Day 7!

I can't believe it's already almost Tuesday! Still a half hour to go here, but I figured it's Tuesday elsewhere so I mind as well post this already! If you're new to my blog, welcome! There is a list at the top right corner where you can catch up on major things you've missed. Please leave a comment so I know who you are and I will return the favor! :)

Seven days ago I took on a 30 Day About Me Challenge so that you all could get to know me a little bit more and so I can find other things that I have in common with my readers.

30 Days About Me - Day 7: I'm OBSESSED With "Say Yes To The Dress"

If you haven't seen it before, its a show on TLC about Kleinfeld Bridal salon. I have seen every episode.. at least once. In my opinion, they need more episodes! Usually I can't keep up with a show, but "Say Yes To The Dress" is not one of those shows! A little obsessed...probably, but I'm okay with that! Besides, their dresses are gorgeous! If I could have my dream dress, I'm sure I would buy from there, but I don't have the money to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress. I guess I'll just have to watch and live through other brides dreams.


Holly said...

Happy Tuesday Tag Along! I am a wedding planner and really enjoy watching Say Yes to the Dress. Although they have some crazy prices on there and the consultants do not always listen to the budgets - that drives me nutso! Did you see Battle of the Wedding Planners? I am a new follower from TTA!
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Turning the Clock Back said...

Just hopping through via the Tuesday Tagalong. Come check out my blog if you get a chance, there are some great ecofriendly coupons, freebies, and giveaways! I'd love it if you would follow along on my journey to a greener life!

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I really like that show too! One downside that I noticed is that they were really concerned with the commission and getting a dress sold more than anything. If someone goes in to just try on dresses, they say how the girls are just wasting their time. It's not, girls need to try on dresses regardless, you know?

One day a few weeks ago I came across a similar show on WEtv called " Girl Meets Gown " It's the same concept but takes place in TX and the store is called "Stardust Celebrations". I really like what I've been seeing, the beautiful dresses and how they really do care about each girl individually who goes in. If I ever happen to get married, I've already made up my mind I want to get my dress from there. (hehe) They match my style perfectly and the dresses, while beautiful, aren't quite as expensive as Kleinfeld's. ^_~


Katelyn.Christine said...

Hi! I'm a new follower :) I found your blog on 20SB.

I couldn't agree more, they definitely need more episodes. I can't get enough of that show. My fiance always asks me if I'm going to stop watching it once we're married. My answer? No. lol I love watching other girls find their dream dresses!

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