Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Where the HECK is a towel????"

If you were around me during my day, you would hear me say that every time I wash my hands and every time my hands get accidently wet. Why?

30 Days of Me - Day 2 : Wet hands is my biggest pet peeve!

When I was in high school [gosh I feel so old saying that!!] I took two years of photography. Black and white pictures was my thing. I loved developing pictures and seeing how they can turn from film into something really beautiful with just a few minutes in a couple buckets filled with chemicals and water.

Everytime you placed a picture in the buckets, your hands would get wet. Everyday of that got real old real quick; not to mention your hands smelled like poo for the rest of the day... maybe that's why I never dated anyone from my school? Ever since, I cannot stand my hands wet. If I can't find a towel right away it makes me want to go run into a corner, curl up in a ball, and rock back and forth... okay maybe that's a little dramatic, but seriously people I HATE IT!!

One day while Mister was on home for leave back in December, he decided to test out this peeve of mine. We had a water fight in my kitchen and he got my hands all wet and then would not let me dry them. I so was not a happy camper! Let's just say he might have kicked my butt in the water fight, so I just used his shirt as a towel :)

No worries, I forgave him!
What's your biggest pet peeve?


Marissa said...

The noises people make when they eat!! That just makes me sick!

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