Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 26

I scheduled this post a couple of days ago so that you would still be able to read something while I was away. So if you're thinking, "why the heck is she posting...isn't she suppose to be in Colorado?" don't worry, I am! In fact, I'm probably walking around right now or sitting very uncomfortably in a rent 15 passenger van - can you say church group? Yes, that is exactly what we probably look like. At least I'm sure the view I have right now is gorgeous!

Back to the 30 Day of Me...  I wanted to finish strong! So here goes nothing:

Day 26 - My favorite food is pasta

I love it! My best friend is Italian and so ever since I was a little girl I have been eating the best pasta there is - seriously, no cooking compares to real Italian cooking...delicious!

The only good edible pasta that I can make is pasta with vodka cream sauce. I have tried to change it up a little bit, but I seem to keep going back to the same ingredients. I will have to post my recipe.

Speaking of recipe, they will be coming! I just have been tweeking a few so that they are the best they possibly can be for you all!


KelseyC said...

Mmmm pasta with vodka cream sauce? I'm excited for the recipes!

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