Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 27 - Horses

30 Days of Me: Day 27 - I am terrified of horses

I don't care how big or small they are - horses scare the crap out of me! The first time I ever rode a horse was back when I was probably five or six years old. It was my cousins horse and the thing was HUGE! It would not listen what so ever while I was on the thing and right after riding it, it bit my mom! Last year, while visiting friends in Oklahoma, I rode a horse for the first time since my first experience. At first I was doing really well. The horse just stood there and I was able to handle it. Then...he moved!! *boom* instant tears! I'm twenty some years old and I'm crying because I'm riding a horse. One word: humiliating.


annoyed army wife said...

Oh, that's sad! But horses seem like a fairly easy thing to avoid if you're terrified of them. It's not like they can sneak up on you and scare you, so there is a silver lining.

Maranda said...

Oh you poor thing!

KelseyC said...

Haha no worries...horses kinda scare me too. And I left you surprise on my blog. :)

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I love horses!!!

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