Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An E-mail to PINK

I just got really annoyed a few minutes ago and thought I would share with you why. I was looking through Milblogging for some great blogs and I came across one that said something about how Victoria Secret loves the Army. So sure enough I go onto Victoria Secret and in the PINK section I see that they represent both Army and Navy by making special clothing for them - which I think is awesome that they would choose to support some of the armed forces.

I understand that they have a voting system for schools (and armed forces ) and whoever gets a lot of votes, gets products. What I don't understand is why they would do this for military! Personally, IT'S NOT FAIR! If they want to represent the military I say thats beyond awesome, but do it in a way that you represent all branches - not just two. I find it insulting to be completely honest. So... I may have or may not have - I'll let you come up with the answer - wrote them a little email explaining my feelings to them. This may or may not have email basically stated that ALL of our armed forces should be given the same respect and that they ALL are putting their life on the line to defend our country. The "email" was a tad bit longer than that, but I used lady-like language and kept my cool. I figure mind as well represent the Few and Proud by being classy. :)

I just don't get it my fellow blogger friends.

In other news - I'm texting Mister and sent:
"It just amazes me that I have you. I'm a very lucky girl."
His response: "I'm the lucky one"
My response: "bahaha babe did you fall and bump that head of yours?"

We Cute :)


Brittany Sommer said...

Following you back! I gotta say even though I am partial to the Navy, I agree completely with you on this one!

Christina said...

The reason they have Army and Navy is because it's their collegiate section. Marine's are "Navy" technically.. they are a branch of the Navy. and go to the Naval Academy. They did have the Air force Academy up at one point, but sales were too low and haven't added them back since.

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