Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello Lounge Area

My brother will be moving in a week and a half to OK. I don't think it's hit me yet. It's just weird to think about to be honest. There is one perk to him leaving though - he has the biggest bedroom and its becoming my lounge area. I'm super excited to redecorate it and make use of some posters I bought - since I have zero room for them in my teeny tiny room.

Speaking of posters.. a few weeks back I had told you all about how much I love photography and then showed you these two pictures:

Well shortly after that posting, I FOUND THEM BOTH for only $11. I was a very happy girl :)

So yes, they both will be included in my new lounge area!


KelseyC said...

I love the "kissing the war goodbye" poster. It def used to be in my room! :)

annoyed army wife said...

I used the second picture for my inspiration for my bridesmaids dresses. Black, knee length dresses with pearls (and leopard-print shoes - we had the reception at a zoo and needed the extra flair).

It's Something Beautiful said...

How fun! That's such a cute idea!!

Anonymous said... your brother going to Ft Sill or is he just getting out of the house? I'm interested to know...I need to catch up! lol

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