Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Men are like trees, walking." - MUST READ POST!

As some of you may remember, I am currently reading a book by Beth Moore called, So Long Insecurity. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am that I was introduced to it. I have learned so much and I feel like my eyes have been open to a lot of things that have created insecurities that I didn’t even know existed and have long been dug deep inside of me.

The latest thing I’ve learned is that: “I see men like trees, walking.”

Don’t feel bad if you don’t get that – I don’t expect you to at the moment. Let me explain…

I’ve been hurt a lot by different guys in my life. Every time I met someone I thought was different I was let down. There’s something that this book has made me realize that I’ve been missing for a long time. Guys are human too. They have insecurities, troubles, and have faced hard things that have made them how they are today. They need Jesus just as much as me and you. I’ve placed guys in this devil-like category for so long – thinking there must not be one guy out there that wouldn’t hurt me [besides Mister of course. He’s a keeper!].

Think about it, have you ever really took into consideration that maybe a guy that has hurt you in the past has been through things in his life that has made him hurt which therefore has made him insecure about things? Read the following response to what insecurities MEN feel and think if you can relate:

“I’m insecure about my weight. I shy away from doing things that other people do, like water sports.”

“I don’t think guys are much different than girls these days. My insecurities are that my wife won’t always love me – or find me attractive – that she’ll leave me someday. (Though there is zero evidence that would be the case. We have a great relationship. It’s an internal struggle for me.) I wish I was a better lover.”

“I still struggle with thoughts that if I am the “perfect husband,” then she will love me more. Even though I know the truth, Satan uses doubt to make me believe the lack of physical intimacy in our marriage is because I am unattractive, unlovable, and undesirable.”
What about these guys…

When I feel insecure… “I can act out and rebel and try my hardest to do everything opposite of what society expects, or I can isolate myself from… family and friends. I’m extremely uncomfortable with change in my environment; I usually put off a standoffish, don’t-talk-to-me, don’t-mess-with-me vibe, I will go off by myself.”
“When I feel insecure, I clam up and turn inward, and depending on the situation, I might be snippy or depressed. Sometimes I pretend like there’s no problem at all so she won’t see what I’m feeling and thinking.”
Can you relate to one of the above?

I can’t go on blaming men for the way I've hurt. I have been terrified of them for so long, because of the constant hurt I’ve had from a few guys in my life. When I think of their life though… I feel sad for them. They have issues and problems and INSECURITIES just like I do. They are humans, they are not all the same. They are not, "men like trees, walking." Does that make sense and am I the only one who has just learned this and realized it?

I hope you will all take time to go to your local library, bookstore, or even to get "So Long Insecurities" by Beth Moore. I challenge you to do so. What do you honestly have to lose?


Neidy said...

Oh my goodness...I LOVE this post. I remember talking to my man about this...we had a nice long talk about it :) It's so interesting to see that there are things that you can TOTALLY relate to with men. And I've also been raised with 4 boys in the family...they're a lot more sensitive than we think and DEFINITELY need the Lord in their lives! :)

Ruth said...

thank you so very much for sharing this post.i needed this!!

Bless you!!

KelseyC said...

Thank you for posting this! I needed to be reminded of this especially now. I forget that guys have been hurt too--we're not the only ones. They just express their pain differently than we do.

Thank you so much!

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