Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nighty Text

Mister (1:23 AM) : Ok you get sleep and dream of me baby
Me (1:31 AM) : yes love. i have my back to the wall and pillows infront of me to make it feel like your here. its not doing anywhere close to justice but i do remember what it feels like to be in your arms and im so thankful for that. so even tho im not in them right now its something i know ill feel again soon. thank you for coming back in december. thank you for letting me know how it's going to feel to spend the rest of my life with you and thank you for sticking through everything with me. you are an amazing man and im more than lucky to have you. i love you so much and miss you like crazy!
Mister (1:35 AM) : aw baby you gave me butterflys
Mister (1:36 AM) : i love you too boo bear
Me (1:36 AM) : i did!!! well that just made my day knowing that i gave them to you!
Mister (1:39 AM) : sleep good baby. i love you and miss you so very much. you are my everything.

I love that boy... <3


Ruth said...

awww thats so sweet!!

K said...

This is cute! send me an email? I wanted to ask something that I dont want posted. StarGazr613@yahoo.com

Tanya said...

omg, How sweet!!

I Am a Marine's Girl said...

I did not go awe!! the whole time I was reading this and then open my phone to go through our messages...Don't you love the conversations late at night?

KelseyC said...

Gah. I love late night messages like this. :)

It's Something Beautiful said...

Late night messages truly are the best :) As well as good morning ones - cant forget those!

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